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Sorry that I ‘whine’ and apparently ‘dramatize every little thing’, I guess. And push people way. Although, it doesn’t come to surprise me that I have one less friend now. And people wonder why I don’t have that many friends, because they get sick of me and leave. You just don’t understand me at all. If you understood me you would know that when I push people away, it’s when I need them most. So there, all of you know now. It’s not because I want you to go away. At all. God.

Oh, and just because someone’s life may be harder than mine, that doesn’t give you the right to say something like, ‘yeah, well at this isn’t happening to you like, it’s happening to so and so.’ That doesn’t make me feel any better. That just makes me feel worse. Yeah, I know other people have it worse, I know that there are starving children in other countries and in America.

Fuck you. Don’t say shit like that to me. If you fucking cared about me, you wouldn’t have said all that you did.

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