Currently on hiatus! Independent Kairi RP Blog. Multi-ship. Not spoiler free.
I am open to both Canon and AUs. I write both in paragraph form and one liners. To start an rp with me please feel free to send me message or tag me in a starter. ^_^

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May contain some NSFW posts. Any pictures/gifs posted/reblogged are not mine unless I say so. I try my best to source pictures that are posted. Credit Icon to wolfdemonsasha

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please take care of kairi.


"Sometimes memories just need a little help getting out."

Game Typography Challenge: Day 29 (create a lyrical typographical poster) 
↳ ft. Kairi (Kingdom Hearts) 



Axel requested by itcantrainsovertheclouds  


zushi as Roxas


Kingdom Hearts III: Movie Posters

Kingdom Hearts 2 - 'Game Over' screens compilation 
Sora + appearances

12th/2th by ちくわぶー


Sora, being a boss😎

Source: Kingdom 13


just a test

it’s transparent