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I am open to both Canon and AUs. I write both in paragraph form and one liners. To start an rp with me please feel free to send me message or tag me in a starter. ^_^

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ソラとカイリ By  裸餅

You and Riku never came home, so I came looking for you.

Drawn by:

'You're that girl he likes.’


✿ I have 5 million incomplete KH arts so I’m gonna try and clean them up and actually post them!!! Have a quick Princess!Kairi and Knight!Sora to begiinnn \(▰˘◡˘▰)/ 

By: jyaco[X]

Anonymous inquired: sora and kairi from kingdom hearts with 1-kiss on the forehead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
starfruittosharewithyou inquired: sokai 7 I told you it was coming.

Kingdom Hearts Week
Day 1 - Favorite game in the series: Kingdom Hearts

Sora + personality traits

YRP - Kingdom Hearts II


n. A ghostly double or counterpart of a living person.